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Writing Your “About Me” Page

Writing Your “About Me” Page

Writing Your “About Me” Page

The About Me page is the most important page on your website for building trust, but it can also be the most difficult to write. You don’t have to be a professional writer to write a compelling About Me page, but you do need to spend some time getting to know your audience and yourself.

Know Your Audience

As with every web page you write, it is important to understand who you are writing to. You need to explore their wants and needs to understand why they came to your site and what they hope to find there. Once you understand the who, what, and why, you can begin to craft a message that will connect with your reader.

Connect With the Real You

Write about who you are and what you think, feel, and believe. The more you share about the real you, the better you will connect with your reader. The About Me page should contain your bio, but it shouldn’t read like a resume.

Include a good photo of yourself. Your reader wants to know who you are, and looking into your smiling face makes it easier to feel a connection.

Tell Your Story

If a friend were to ask you about your profession, you wouldn’t go into your resume. Instead, you might tell the story of your journey to where you are now. It would be your personal story, told on a personal level. Bring that personal story to your About Me page. You can throw in facts from your resume, but make it interesting. Your reader should feel as though they know you better when they finish reading.

It may help to imagine you are speaking directly to a friend. If you have trouble, record yourself telling your story to a friend or relative, and then translate and edit the recording.

Explain Your Mission and How You Plan to Achieve It

Your website should be filling a need for the visitor. Think of him as a person and tell how and why your site will answer his need. Add links to specific information, products, or services that might help him.

Tell How You Have Helped Others

Helping should be part of your mission, even if you’re selling a product. Your services, information, or product must fill a need to be compelling. Tell the story of how others have benefitted from your product or service, and link to testimonials if you have them.

Link to Your “Contact Me” Page

Make sure your reader knows how to reach you. Most won’t ever reach out, but letting them know they can builds trust. A few may test you by contacting you with a question. Make sure you have a system set up to answer questions promptly. A potential sale can turn into a negative impression if you’re unavailable for questions.

While you write, keep in mind who you are writing to. Use the page to connect to the reader in a personal way. Your About Me page isn’t about you, after all. It is about connecting with the reader and showing how you meet his needs. A good About Me page does exactly that.

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